Once a loved one dies there are so many items to be considered.  One of the first items that should be addressed is did the deceased loved one leave a Last Will and Testament.  If they did there is a time limit on when the Will needs to be filed for probate.  If they did not leave a Will, but still left property that needs to be distributed to beneficiaries, you might need a probate.  This can be a complicated process when there is a lack of records and information left by the decedent or when there are competing claims on the part of creditors.

At The Elkins Law Firm, we advise and represent estate personal representatives (executors), as well as family members interested in contesting a will. We understand the financial and legal issues involved and can often save clients time and money in settling an estate through probate.  We will communicate with you throughout the process and make sure that the correct paperwork is filed.  We are able to accomplish most probate proceedings without the need of the personal representative going to court.  As a matter of fact, most paperwork is completed via e-mail.  If a loved one has passed away and you need help understanding what to do next, contact The Elkins Law Firm by telephone at 407-644-5117 to schedule a consultation.